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( 10 Piece ) -Yellow Banana
( 10 Piece ) -Yellow Banana
( 10 Piece ) -Yellow Banana

( 10 Piece ) -Yellow Banana

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The Banana is medium to huge, with flimsy yellowish-green skin that becomes yellow after maturing. Its tissue is delicate on the surface and has a sweet taste and smell. It pursues an entirely fulfilling decision for bread and cakes and is great for natural product servings of mixed greens. Robusta Banana coordinates well with chocolate, keeping your treat basically flavorful.

Improves Digestion, Cures Heart Burn, Cures Ulcers, Creating Haemoglobin, Skin Conditions, Reduces Stress.

Store them in a cool, dry spot away from direct daylight. New, crude Robustas are green. They transform into brilliant yellow on maturing. Search for earthy colored spots and yellow skin to recognize aged ones.

Cut them onto flapjacks, mix into smoothies or add them to natural product plates of mixed greens. Heat draws out the bananas' smooth pleasantness. Take a stab at baking or sauteing them with spread and sugar for a flavorful treat.

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