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Lili Dungali
Lili Dungali
Lili Dungali

Lili Dungali

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The magnificence of an Onion is that it can go pretty much anyplace. Slice it into dainty cuts to finish off your #1 burger or frank, or cleave it into little pieces for curry dishes. Cleaved Onions are ideally suited for fish dishes, quiche, stews, and stew. Onions can be broiled entire until delicate and afterward cleaved, or caramelized by leisurely cooking them in a spread for a tasty treat. They are likewise delectable when dunked in player and pan-fried!

Fights Cancer, For Oral Health, Hair Growth, Lower Blood Sugar Levels, Enhance Eye Health, Promote Respiratory Health, Enhance Brain Health, Prevent Inflammation.

Store in a cool dry spot, need not refrigerate.

Freezing onions, splashing them submerged, and watching out for the root prior to slashing are a few techniques to diminish tears while hacking them.

A flexible vegetable can be utilized crude, sauteed, caramelized, broiled, rotisserie, pureed, or bubbled as required.

It loans itself to practically any cooking. It very well may be consumed with plates of mixed greens, curries, or chutneys.

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